Chakra Healing

The Chakra Healing Class is a professional level healing class given in two full days designed with both the novice and professional therapist/healer in mind. Participants shall be introduced to the nature of the chakras and will be provided with a practical set of tools, disciplines, and practice for performing healings of the chakra. Many maladies, illnesses (both physical and psychological), and dysfunctional behavior arise from issues that may be found within the chakra, from structural damage to the chakra itself, from a chakra being structurally malformed, or even from the chakra itself being missing. By utilizing the techniques and guidance provided in the Chakra Healing Class, the participant shall acquire the capability and confidence to perform a healing of the chakras.  This class has been designed for those individuals who have completed the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes (the Foundation Class, Mystical & Healing Uses of the Rose Class, the Psychic Energy Flow System - from Healing to Alchemy Class, and the Focal Point Class). Additionally, it is highly recommended that the participant has also already completed the Aura Healing Class, since a number of techniques and usage of the inner plane tools shall be directly analogous to that presented and learned in the Aura Healing Class.

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In the Chakra Healing Class participants continue the “learning by doing” methodology of the Aura Healing Class. Participants shall experience the healing of their own chakras, healing a partner’s chakras and receive healing of one’s own chakras from a partner, and healing of one’s chakras through group healings. In addition to the tools introduced and developed in the Spiritual Arts Academy Fundament set of classes and used in the Aura Healing Class this class introduces the participants to healings through channeled energy from different Astral Temples.

Following the structure of the Aura Healing Class, the participants in the Chakra Healing Class shall gain experience using a few different types of healing methodologies. Some are designed to provide a healing to a particular issue in a chakra (one healing sequence actually enables a chakra to be replaced by a new chakra.). Other methodologies provide a global healing to an indeterminate number of issues contained within the chakras. The healing of specific issues usually employs the use of the inner plane tools: either the “Rose”, as called forth from the Pyramid of the Rose; or the inner-plane magical tools under the direction of the Angels of High Magic. The inner plane magical tools that are used include: 
     ⦿   the Magic Circle (or Cosmic Cross) for defining space;
     ⦿   the Magic Shield for protecting a space;
     ⦿   the Magic Lantern for showing what needs to be worked on;
     ⦿   the Magic Mirror to assist in seeing;
     ⦿   the Magic Wand for moving pictures, releasing charge from pictures, and in healing the chakra;
     ⦿   the Magic Sword for destroying foreign objects and for performing energetic surgery the Magic Cup
                       filled with healing elixir for healing;
     ⦿   the Magic Caldron for releasing charge (off pictures) and transmuting foreign energy or material.

Additionally, the participants shall utilize the spiritual healing methods that were presented in the Aura Healing Class:
     ⦿   using a healing guide;
     ⦿   utilize a charged crystal for healing;
     ⦿   utilize a healing source - the crystal of Lemuria - that operates through the crystal;
     ⦿   using a sonic device like a rattle to perform the healing;
     ⦿   employing Ki to be channeled through the rattle; and
     ⦿   allowing a spirit to work through the rattle.

In the Chakra Healing Class, the following specific healing methods shall be presented:
     ⦿   Using Astral Temples for channeled energy and grounding color (Temple of Creation
                       and Destruction & Temple of Crystal Light Healing) 
     ⦿   Releasing stuck, frozen, and highly charged pictures and energies in a chakra;
     ⦿   Clearing whacks and repairing rips, tears, and holes in a chakra;
     ⦿   Cleaning a chakra by using a Rose to open and close it, and the magic wand to release residue
     ⦿   Clearing masks, screens, and shields in a chakra;
     ⦿   Clearing magical processes (spells, curses, black magic, etc.) in a chakra;
     ⦿   Releasing cords connecting to a chakra;
     ⦿   Releasing spirits and entities from a chakra;
     ⦿   Fixing misaligned and disconnected chakras;
     ⦿   Recovering missing chakras;
     ⦿   Replacing a dwarfed or “dual” chakra;

Some of the healing techniques that are presented in the Chakra Healing Class are similar to that which was used in the Aura Healing Class. Others are quite specific to the Chakra Healing Class. Some of the same issues that we have seen in the aura and in the chakra may also be present in the etheric body, or in the energy body of the organs, tissues or cells. The techniques and tools used to heal the aura and chakras can also be used to heal the etheric body and the subtle aspects of the organs, tissues, and cells. So one may find a “hole” in the aura, in a chakra, or in the etheric body. So the same tools and methods can be used to heal the hole in all three locations. This expands the utility of the methods, tools, and practice presented in the Chakra Healing Class and the Aura Healing Class.

As with the Aura Healing Class, one of the great benefits, and gifts, from participating in the Chakra Healing Class is the healing that each member of the class receives just by participating in the class. Issues and problems whose source lay within the chakras and that may have been present for many years shall receive healing. Participants in previous classes have received healings which had a profound effect, not just in their own lives but also in their relationships So not only does one further his or her capacity to perform chakra healing, but also receives healing in the process.

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