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You are cordially invited to partake in the upcoming Open Healing Evening. The Open Healing Evening provides a space in which to receive healing, gain a deeper awareness of the qualities of spiritual healing, and to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding related to a specific spiritual healing topic. To find out what the Open Healing Evening is, and whether it might be something for you, please click on the bar below. You are also welcome to contact us should you have any questions.

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Topic for January: 
 Healing via the Kabbalistic Tree of Life:
The Sephirah Yesod (Foundation)  

In the January Open Healing EveningHealing via the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: The Sephirah Yesod (Foundation) we shall utilize the qualities of the Sephirah Yesod as a source and power for healing. In the Kabbalistic tradition, the Sephirotic Tree, which is also called the Tree of Life, is presented as an interconnected network of ten Sephirahs, one being the Sephirah Yesod. The Tree of Life represents nothing less than the story of creation and the pathways of evolution for the spiritual assent of man.

Our intention in this Open Healing Evening shall be to use qualities contained within the Sephirah Yesod for healing. Sephirah Yesod, known as Foundation, performs two functions: one a function of the Macrocosm and the other a function of the Microcosm. Within the Macrocosm resides the powers of the Angels, the Archangel, the soul name (The Foundation), and the god name. Within the Microcosm resides the influence and capabilities of the Moon sphere of Yesod. The function of the Macrocosm is the creation of life from life (Life as a continuance out of Itself), relating to the principles of fertility and fecundation. It represents the power behind human’s sexual strength, drive, and instinct; and the divine qualities of mating for purpose of producing offspring. The function of the Microcosm has to do with one’s inner world (also sometimes termed the astral plane), which is the realm of psychology, mysticism, and magic (at least as a starting point).  

Although the Tree of Life at first appears to be a two dimensional structure, it is in essence three-dimensional. Each Sephirah contains five qualities, or aspects, corresponding to: spirit, soul, intellect, heart, and body. These are also termed “Worlds”: World of Origins (Spirit); World of Creation (intellect); World of Formation (heart); and World of Expression (body). The spirit aspect is represented by a name (an expression) of god. The soul aspect is represented by the name of the Sephirah itself. The intellect aspect is represented by the chief Archangel that rules the Sephirah's choir of angels. The heart aspect is represented by the Order of the Angels that dwell in the Sephirah. Finally, the body aspect is represented by a planet. Specifically, for the Sephirah Yesod, the name of god is Shadai-El-Hai (or Shaddai el Chai), which may be best translated simply to “Living God” or more exactly to “Supreme Lord of Life and Lives”,  the soul value for Sephirah Yesod is Foundation; the Archangel ruling Sephirah Yesod is the Archangel Gabriel; the Order of Angels is Aishim (Kerubim), and the planet is the Moon. In the evening's work, we shall receive healing through each of these five qualities.

In the Open Healing Evening, we shall utilize one very specially created Thought-form composed of Supramental Consciousness, for placement in the World of Origins (name of god). For all the other "Worlds" of the Sephirah Yesod, we shall employ inner plane Magic Statues that have been created by the Angels of High Magic utilizing the material of the "Worlds" themselves. Then when the specific Thought-form or Magic Statue is activated, the individual shall receive the healing powers and ensuing benefits. This shall present a most wonderful evening of healing and experience.

You are most welcome to download and examine the scripts of this Open Healing Evening on the Healing via the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: Sephirah Yesod by clicking on the link in the box below. And you are most heartily invited and welcome to attend the Open Healing Evening in any of the locations. We sincerely wish that you may be the recipient of many wonderful experiences and that you shall receive many wonderful personal benefits!!!

To obtain a download of this evening's script from the cloud, in English or Dutch, and in Word or PDF format, please click on the following links:
To obtain a download of this evening's script from the cloud, in English or Dutch, and in Word or PDF format, please click on the following links:
Healing via the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: The Sephirah Yesod (Foundation)  (PDF Format)
Healing via de Kabbalistische Levensboom: het Niveau van Yesod (Het Fundament)  (PDF Formaat

              January Open Healing Evenings        
                             Amersfoort - Tuesday 30                         
                           Amsterdam - Thursday 25                        
                                Zutphen - Tuesday 23                           
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Archival Scripts 

To obtain a download of a script from a previous Open Healing Evening, please click on the following link: 
Archival Scripts

February-March Open Healing Evening 
                     Amersfoort - Tuesday 27 - March                  
                     Amsterdam - Thursday 29 - March               
                       Zutphen - Tuesday 6 - February                  
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collection of the Prayers that are used in the Open Healing Evenings are provided within the website and may be viewed by clicking on this link. These Prayers are uplifting and beneficial in both raising one's spirits and one's consciousness.

The Law of Consciousness

When your consciousness drops, you forget the reality of higher states of being. This cannot be helped; it is a law that the lower does not comprehend the higher


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