The Foundation Class

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The Foundation Class is a two-day class designed for both those individuals who are at the beginning of their inner journeys and explorations, and 
for those individuals who are desiring to deepen their expertise with the fundamentals. The Foundation Class, as the  initial class in the Spiritual-Arts Academy sequence of classes, may ultimately lead to a study in Spiritual Development and Spiritual Healing. Or this class may be taken alone and provide you with skills and empowerments of significant value. 

The Foundation Class focuses upon the development of three distinct though interrelated competencies: 
     being grounded,
     being centered,
     and being aware.
And though each is a unique capability, being significant in and of itself, together they help create the state of consciousness known as “Presence”. And there is no aspect of life for which a greater 
Presence” would not be of benefit. 

The purposes of the Foundation Class are:
     to gain an awareness of the four competencies (grounding, centering, awareness, and presence);
     to be introduced to the life-long tools beneficial in developing these qualities;
     to gain expertise and knowledge into the use of the tools and practices;
     and to ultimately reveal a path to “becoming” and “living” the four qualities themselves.
The class consists of demonstration, exploration, and practice, all experienced in a safe and supportive environment. And, because the efficacy of the practices/tools can be both demonstrated and experienced, blind faith is never required.

The elements of the Foundation Class have been derived from various sources. These include schools for intuitive development, Ki-Aikido, psychological training, and certain ancient wisdoms. 

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"For me it was a very deep and wonderful experience joining the Foundation Class. I am touched by the thorough way you work, which makes it all very clear and understandable. You are teaching in such a precise/sensitive way, …the path you are opening up really works. There is a logic and wisdom behind that is very profound, as I perceive it. I am very happy with the information and methods to use in practice, for myself and others too. So I wanted to thank you for all this."

M. B. - the Netherlands


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