Open Healing Evening - What it is

The Open Healing Evening has been created as a service to the community so that individuals may drop in to partake in and receive the benefits of a group Spiritual Healing experience. In a safe and supportive environment, an individual may find refuge in which: to come into one's own inner space, to relax and release the tensions carried within, to receive and experience different qualities of healing forces and energies, and perhaps to even receive a long-desired growth step or transformation. During each Open Healing Evening, the participants are guided through a sequence of preparatory steps: getting in touch with themselves as Body and Being; grounding; centering; running energy; and performing Ki-breathing. Finally, the evening’s facilitator leads the participants through a special Spiritual Healing experience.

The Open Healing Evening provides an opportunity for those unfamiliar with Spiritual Healing to experience the nature, qualities, energies, and possibilities of Spiritual Healing. Should one be pursuing the path of the Healer, it provides an excellent opportunity to develop, expand, and exercise your own healing capabilities. The nature of the Open Healing Evening is that the individual participant need only be present to receive. Nothing needs to be done. An individual participant may elect to ground, center, run energy, and perform Ki-breathing, or may just sit or lay down and do nothing but receive. The nature of the Spiritual Healing is that a participant is presenting a "being state", and does not "do" anything. During the start-up phase of the Open Healing Evening, the participants are connected to the Powers that manifest the healing, the Angels of the Higher Laws. It is these Angels that manifest the Spiritual Healing, most often through requests of the Open Healing Evening's facilitator. A list of the of past Open Healing Evening topics is provided on the Archival Scripts page, and as a service to the community, the scripts of these past Open Healing Evenings are available for download.

Currently, the Spiritual-Arts Academy is providing the Open Healing Evening in three separate locations on a monthly basis: Amsterdam, Amersfoort, and Zutphen. Location, date, and time information may be obtained by clicking here.

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