Spiritual Psychic Surgery

The Spiritual Psychic Surgery Class is a professional level healing class given in four full days. This class has been re-designed for the June 2016 offering so that individuals who have not taken any of the Spiritual-Arts Academy classes may fully partake and receive the full benefits. 

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The Spiritual Psychic Surgery Class is based on the methodology developed by the late Rev. Joseph Martinez and further extended by Joseph Holzer, especially employing the powers enabled through High Magic. In this class, the participants shall be provided with the initiations and inner-plane connection that shall establish the links to the realms of Spirit Doctors and Spiritual Psychic Surgeons. The participants shall also be provided with the meditations, the tools, and the experiences that shall enable them to perform a wide variety of Spiritual Psychic SurgeriesSpiritual Psychic Surgery is an aspect of healing that attempts to directly correct or improve at the level of body manifestation the influences of illnesses, injuries, or maladies . In its most fundamental and common application, the healing work is performed by inner plane Spiritual Psychic Surgeons and Spirit Doctors directly on the etheric body, physical body (via its energy fields), or both. Spiritual Psychic Surgery is often most beneficial, and necessary, when the manifestation has already developed to the degree that other methods alone would not be sufficient to affect a change on the body level within a significant period of time. Spiritual Psychic Surgery may be used in conjunction with other healing modalities, whether they be body oriented support, such as massage, or deep inner plane work such as the Spiritual Cleansing of Sentient Darkness.

Classically, Psychic Surgery has been defined as a method of healing that involves the use of hands or instruments on the etheric, subtle physical, or physical body. Spirit Doctors quite often, but not necessarily, partake in the psychic surgery sessions and aftercare sessions. The use of Spirit Doctors or Spirit Tools to work in the etheric realm or physical energy fields has been employed by many cultures for many millennia, whether or not it be called Psychic Surgery. Common to this class of work is the following;
     ⦿  1)   The healer must be “connected” to an individual Spirit Doctor, or the realm of the 
                         Spirit Doctors, often through initiation;
     ⦿  2) The healer must be in a shifted or altered state of consciousness to perform or invoke
Psychic Surgery;
     ⦿  3) A “Space” must be created in which the Spirit Doctors operate.

All three considerations are present in this workshop. Initiation is used to create the connection to the realm of the Spirit Doctors. Once the connection has been made, the practitioner has the capability of connecting with, or making requests to, the realm of the Spirit Doctors

In the Spiritual Psychic Surgery Class, the participants shall be instructed in a method that shall utilize Spirit Doctors and Spirit Instruments to manifest the Psychic Surgery without human intervention, and thus this genre of work is termed "Spiritual Psychic Surgery". There are no intrusions into the body. The Spirit Doctors and non-physical Spirit Instruments can either work through the healer, such as through his or her hands, or they can work at a distance without contact between the healer and healee. Both styles are employed in this class. 

The Spiritual Psychic Surgery Class is presented in six phases (segments). 
Phase I represents the preparation and the empowerments required to perform 
Spiritual Psychic Surgery. This includes:
     ⦿  if needed, an initiation into High Magic with connections to the Angels of High Magic
     ⦿  the initiation into Spiritual Psychic Surgery by the Angels of High Magic
     ⦿  the connection to Source followed by the Meditation of receiving from Source; 
     ⦿  the calling down of the Silence;  
     ⦿  the connections to and activation of the Divine Descending Force.

In Phase II, each participant shall be connected to his or her own personal Psychic Surgeon. This personal Psychic Surgeon is one that had at one time been a living person which enables a close working relationship between the participant and the Psychic Surgeon . As a benefit to the participant, each personal Psychic Surgeon shall inaugurate a series of long term healings for each participant.

Phase III represents the heart of the class. This is the Introduction to Basic Psychic Surgery which is composed of four parts: 
     ⦿  Etheric Psychic Surgery with Instruments;
     ⦿  Psychic Surgery on the Etheric Body;
     ⦿  Philippine Psychic Surgery on the Physical Body
     ⦿  Physical Surgery.
Etheric Surgery with Instruments, three techniques are presented: 
     ⦿  Etheric Injections;
     ⦿  Clearing Etheric Organs with Spiritual Instruments;  
     ⦿  Detoxing Etheric organs, tissues and cells with Etheric and Spiritual Instruments.
The participants shall practice on various organs and glands using the various methodologies.
Psychic Surgery on the Etheric Body, specialist spirit doctors shall be employed such as:
     ⦿  Spirit Dental Surgeons,
     ⦿  Upper Gastro-Intestinal Spirit Doctors,
     ⦿  Cardiac & Thoracic Spirit Doctors,
     ⦿  Osteopath Spirit Doctors,
     ⦿  Chiropractic Spirit Doctors.
Spiritual Philippine Psychic Surgery on the Physical Body is performed through a form of extraction and materialization utilizing empowered cotton, and water (or oil). Additionally, a Magic Knife shall be used to cut space-time and a Magic Wand for reconstruction. This form of Spiritual Philipine Psychic Surgery is performed on the Subtle Physical Body or the Biological Energy field and is totally bloodless.
Physical Surgery, three techniques a presented:
     ⦿  Subtle Matter Instruments used to work on Body Level (Microsurgery lasers, etc.);
     ⦿  Detoxing Physical organs, tissues, and cells;
     ⦿  Enriching Physical organs, tissues, and cells with subtle oxygen, water, or growth hormone/stimulant.

Phase IV is an introduction to Advanced Psychic Surgery. In this segment, the participants learn to perform Spiritual Psychic Surgery on:
     ⦿  the Subtle Energy Body;
     ⦿  Mind or Mental Level;
     ⦿  Spiritual or Causal Level.
Subtle body
Spiritual Psychic Surgery enables the practitioner to perform Spiritual Acupressure or Acupuncture. Working on the Mind or Mental Level enables the practitioner to create events on the mental plane that will ultimately become physical effects. And working on the Spiritual or Causal Level enables the practitioner to work via the correspondences.

Phase V presents the Magical level of Spiritual Psychic Surgery. Specifically, the participants shall learn to utilize the Law of Sympathetic Vibration using Models and Symbols, and to utilize "Enlivening" which is the creating of a statue or a picture upon which the work can be performed. An example of using Sympathetic Vibration is to create a perfect model of the spine for chiropractic adjustment. In this application, the spine of the client starts to self-adjust to match the model. As an example of "Enlivening", the participants shall enliven a diagram, such as that of the circulatory system of the body, and then the Spiritual Psychic Surgery work can be performed directly on the diagram, which will then through the Higher Laws be translated to the circulatory system of the client. This method is also useful in performing microsurgery by using a diagram or picture of, for instance, a cell. By working on a diagram of a single cell, and invoking the appropriate Laws, the work shall then be applied to all cells.

Phase VI presents the Brazilian Spiritual Psychic Surgery. This work is performed by one of a set of Brazilian healing Spirits that works in a manner similar to Sprit Doctors. Each Brazilian Healing Spirit provides unique qualities and capabilities.  

In all, the practices provided in the Spiritual Psychic Surgery Class shall provide each participant with both a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in performing Spiritual Psychic Surgery. This shall provide the participant with an effective Spiritual Healing methodology for working with clients, and on himself or herself, on the many issues directly related to the physical body. 

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