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          Our focus is on people. Participants enter into a direct contact with Source in order to receive knowledge, information, and tools in his or her own distinct way. 
Within the Spiritual-Arts Academy, our focus is on people. Instruction is not an act of presenting material, but rather an enabling of the Participants to enter into direct contact with Source in order to receive in his or her own distinct way. Special Initiations are performed so that each Participant may attain direct contact with the wellspring of knowledge, information, and tools. And though possessing a commonality, what one Participant attains may be unique and different from any other. This is due to the nature of the Participant as a Spirit, the journey he or she has traveled this life, and the journey traveled through many lives. 

          Participants have the opportunity to discover and explore their own unique gifts, talents, and abilities, and to evolve in alignment with their own highest path of destiny. 
In the Spiritual-Arts Academy, Participants have the opportunity to discover and explore their own unique gifts, talents and abilities, and to evolve in alignment with their own highest paths of destiny. Concurrently, all Participants in the class engender the growth, evolution, and learning in all others, sometimes by action but often purely by presence. And so "as we heal we become healed, as we support we become supported, and as we assist in the growth of others, we ourselves grow." As Participants progress - as an act of Spirit - knowledge, information, and tools transform from being possessions of the Participant into becoming aspects of who he or she is. 

          Individuals partake in the classes as Spirit, learning as Spirit, growing as Spirit, and becoming as Spirit
We participate in the Spiritual-Arts Academy classes not just as mind or body, but fully as Spirit. So we learn as Spirit, grow as Spirit, and become as Spirit. Thus the nature of the class is that we partake as equals, no Spirit being greater or lesser, and the role of the Instructor is to lead the participants into experiences that will engender the process of growing, evolving, transforming, healing, and entering into realizations. 

          The information provided in the Spiritual-Arts Academy classes is derived from a variety of  sources. 
The information provided in the Spiritual-Arts Academy does not come from any single source or philosophy, but rather from many sources. Deep respect and appreciation is afforded to each Spiritual Explorer, such as Sri Aurobindo, Rudolf Steiner, Franz Bardon in their writings, or Rev. Joseph Martinez and Micahel Tamura in their teachings. Methods that may be based in psychology or therapy, such as the work of John Bradshaw, may be employed and transformed into the tools of the higher realms based on the Workings of the Higher Laws. And very often, information comes directly form the higher realms through the Work itself.

          The role of the Instructor:
In his or her role, the Instructor is senior in the class space and responsible for setting the class energy; making connections with the higher realms; maintaining a balance and harmony in the class; ensuring that the class environment is safe, protected, and supportive; making sure that each individual Participant has space not only for himself or herself, but also for his or her process; and seeing to it that the class subject matter is brought in in a manner that activates the appropriate experiences. The class itself is not the energy of the Instructor, but a composite and confluence of all who attend and have brought himSelf or herSelf into the class. Thus we find that every class is unique, even when working with the same subject material. And though the Instructor is senior in the class space, the Instructor does not invoke experiences for the class alone, but also for himself or herself, always being a participant in the experience itself.


“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.”  


John Steinbeck

A Spiritual-Arts Instructor is a Craftsman. The path of becoming an Instructor begins as an Assistant Instructor, then Associate Instructor, and finally full Instructor. And each Participant is viewed as an "Instructor in the making". 
The development of Instructors in the Spiritual-Arts Academy is based on an ancient model, that of the craftsman, and similar to the form used in Universities. Thus the most senior individual is the Instructor. This is equivalent to the master craftsman. The Associate Instructor is equivalent to the journeyman while the Assistant Instructor is equivalent to the apprentice. As one grows in the Way of the Spiritual Teacher, digests the growth experiences, and develops an inner realization of the Way, the individual shall naturally attain his or her Instructor space. And every Participant from the moment he or she enters the Spiritual-Arts Academy classroom, is seen as a full Instructor in the making.

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