What is a Vision?
What is a vision? A vision is a view, a dream, of what someone or something can grow and evolve to be and based on that vision of the future, a sense of what that someone or something now is. It is peppered with ideas, loves, concepts, feelings, intuitions, and sometimes directed by higher guidance. In some ways a vision may be idealistic and perhaps even unattainable, but it does provides picture of a reality or a shared reality which sets the direction of the path of growth and development to both consciously and unconsciously pursue. In that, it provides a drive, a power, a trust, and a self acceptance of oneself as an individual or as a member of a group. A vision has both the capacity to set and empower a course - journey on a path - and to become sentient, a living being not unlike a guardian Angel. And to grasp a vision is to make an individual more than ordinary, to feel the touch of our divine nature, to make life fuller. But visions must be grounded and be enlivened by Spirit and the higher qualities of nature, for otherwise they may become fantasies and delusions which may lead to unfortunate developments. And the visions themselves are not stagnant but grow and evolve in themselves over the flow of time and space.

          What is the Spiritual-Arts Academy?
The Spiritual-Arts Academy is an existence in the higher realms that is now manifesting in the physical realms. Its intention is to serve as a place and space for individuals to manifest their soul purpose -  individually and within a conscious community - and to grow, to evolve, and to become more whole. It provides a place of exploration of the greater Mysteries and a Way to the greater Work within both the macrocosm and the microcosm. It enables Participants to become more themselves; to develop their true presence and awareness of purpose; to discover their own spiritual truths; to develop their capacities for healing both of themselves and others on a professional level; and to develop their capabilities to share and assist others as Spiritual teaches and Spiritual-Arts Academy Instructors. And it provides a place to share in the journey. Additionally, the Spiritual-Arts Academy provides a structure to enable service to others through workshops, individual healings, and open healings. Though the Spiritual-Arts Academy is unique in itself, it does possess characteristics of other institutions: mystery schools, schools of intuitive development, spiritual and psychic healing schools, Aikido Dojos, and even the original Academy of Plato.

          Of Participants and Instructors. The Free Will and Individual Journey of the Participants is fully Respected and Supported.
Those who partake in the classes are called Participants, not students, and those who present the information are termed Instructors. The Instructors do not teach material, but rather lead the Participants through experiences, and in this manner are Instructors of the Way. Participants are enabled to grow in their own unique directions and thus discover their own unique abilities, talents, and callings. Participants maintain their own free will as to how they wish to partake in the Academy. There is no formal membership and no obligations written or implied. One may come when so inspired and leave without explanation. One may partake in workshops and classes outside of the Academy, and explore whatever in life he or she chooses. One's own journey is respected however it may flow, whatever decisions are made, and whatever difficulties may arise, simply because it is one's own journey.

          What the Academy shall become depends on what Participants bring into the Academy and who they become within the Academy.
he Spiritual-Arts Academy is self-evolutionary. The Academy shall grow and develop based on what the Participants shall bring into in the Academy and who and what they become within the Academy. The Spiritual-Arts Academy is eclectic in its sources of information embraces the ancient wisdom's as well as that coming from more recent Spiritual Explorers from the East and West, psychological investigators, and others. But as the Spiritual-Arts Academy is evolving in the physical plane, it is also evolving in the higher realms. And as the Spiritual-Arts Academy evolves in the  higher realms, more becomes available in the physical realm.  

          Participants' awareness evolve through personal experience and observation of the processes of others.
he Spiritual-Arts Academy enables self-discovery. The Participants' awarenesses evolve both through their own experiences and what they observe in the processes of fellow Participants. Through this way, Participants ultimately discover the "magic" in themselves, in others, and in the world around them. This serves to enhance the quality of one's Life itself.


“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Academy exists to support the individual. Each individual needs to be true to himself or herself. 
Academy exists to support the individuals; Participants do not exist to serve the Academy. Participants may be very involved in the classes and other activities or may live their life more distant. Each individual needs to be true to himself or herself in his or her own path, and the nature of the requirements in his or her phase in life.  

          The formation of a Conscious Community of Like-Minded Individuals arise naturally from the Academy.
 The Spiritual-Arts Academy serves as a fertile ground for the formation of a conscious community. Within the community, Participants discover other individuals of like mind and like heart with whom to share growth, exploration, support, and social activities. Friendships tend to grow outside of the structure of the classroom in a totally natural way. But being part of a conscious community does not obligate the Participant to any form of action. One selects those with whom he or she wishes to share and socialize. And should one decide to end his or her active role as a Participant in the Spiritual-Arts Academy, he or she remains fully welcome to partake in the community.

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